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St. Benedict Metal Cup (15oz/2-Sided)

St. Benedict Metal Cup (15oz/2-Sided)


St. Benedict Metal Cup 

Why should I wear (Use) a St. Benedict Medal?

The medal is a way to obtain God’s blessings and protection through the intercession of St. Benedict. Wearing it is a way to remind ourselves of our life in Christ and the promises of heaven.  It is a form of prayer and yet another way we can incorporate God into our daily lives.

According to the Order of St. Benedict, “The medal is a prayer of exorcism against Satan, a prayer for strength in time of temptation, a prayer for peace among ourselves and among the nations of the world, a prayer that the Cross of Christ be our light and guide, a prayer of firm rejection of all that is evil, a prayer of petition that we may with Christian courage ‘walk in God’s ways, with the Gospel as our guide,’ as St. Benedict urges us.”

After reading that powerful description of the prayer of the St. Benedict Medal, I am sure that you will agree it is a “weapon” Christians need in our day and age. We are faced with evil and temptation. Anything we can use to help us in our battle will encourage and strengthen us in our fight!

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